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Welcome to Quiet Creek Stable! We continue today in the legacy of the late Virginia H. Martin, whose family has owned this property, known as Borderland Farm, since 1911. 

The farm has seen many incarnations through the generations--dairying, fruit growing, a hunting and fishing paradise and even a few bison roamed here in Teddy Roosevelt's day. But today we continue in the horse business begun in 1962 by Virginia and her brother, Peter Martin.

This was one of the first riding stables in this area, and Virginia made it her business to be the first to innovate many things: the first indoor riding arena in 1965; she worked to develop the Winslow Therapeutic Riding Program with Dana Winslow in the 1970's; she not only held offices in ESDCTA (Eastern States Dressage and Combined Training Association) and NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped), but also developed training and instructional programs for those associations and was awarded the National "James Brady Professional Achievement Award" for her work in those fields.

All of us are here today because Virginia was an inspiring leader and a dedicated teacher. She believed in bringing her love of the land and riding to all of us - to local and everyday people that might never have had their own horses or the opportunity to ride. Countless children have grown up here, riding school horses, working at the barn, learning to work hard and love it. Some of the adults you'll meet here today were those kids! 

Virginia strongly felt her responsibility for preserving her family's land and legacy and as such, she was the first landowner in the valley to PDR the farm in the 1990's. Many farms throughout the Vernon and Warwick Valleys have followed her lead, making this one of the most beautiful, "eternally green" areas in the Hudson Valley.

Today, family members here at Quiet Creek have stepped up to continue her ideas of preservation and education; teaching any and all age levels and abilities the incredible joys of riding and horsemanship. We continue instructing the skills for Dressage, Jumping, Hunter Pacing, Trail Riding, etc. etc. etc. Virginia believed it should be FUN, and so do we, so come out and join us!